Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tickets To This Drama Are Free

You are talking to your mother about her recent stroke when Sanjay Gupta, on CNN, describes having a stroke as a result of chiropractic, while looking at an envelope from St. Joseph’s Hospital while making a shopping list ..and you write St. Joseph aspirin on your list knowing that it can help guard against stroke.

Then six weeks later the moment occurs when you would have died if you hadn’t added aspirin to your shopping list due to the point of convergence of stroke memes. And of course you don’t even realize it. It was never for your enjoyment but for the enjoyment of the universe that the irony occurred.

And that is how the universe played out a drama on the stage of itself.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why McCain Is Out Of Touch

16 YEARS? The Lexington Project, McCain's attempt to bring a sense of urgency to our nation's energy policies, is going to take 16 years. Why Brittney Spears will be a grandmother by then!

This is unacceptable. I remember the first urban myth I ever heard only it was told to me by a girl who claimed her father was the inventor instead of a friend of her father's neighbor. The claim was that Ford had a 75 mpg engine it was hiding. It was the 70's and our tags were even. I never did understand why they didn't put that in their cars. Who wouldn't want that? Whether or not that was true, that was almost 40 years ago and we have done squat to deal with the crisis at hand and we've had 36 years.

You've had long enough. A sixteen year plan is just not going to cut it. The idea isn't to entrench your big corporate buddies in the next national handout. The idea is not to hand no-bid contracts out to anyone who supports your administration. The idea is to free ourselves from Opec. And we can do that in four not sixteen years. Kind of like the Manhattan Project and the Apollo program you are trying to compare the Lexington Project to, but not. If they had taken sixteen years, we'd be speaking German and living on Mars by now.

Where there's the will, there's the way. And it won't take sixteen years.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Is It Time To Reconsider Past Modes Of Travel?

If we didn't have to worry about lunatics with automatic weapons and shoulder based missile launchers we might find a new romance in air travel by bringing back the luxury of a bygone era. Actually? We do have the technology to keep an airship as safe as other airborn means of travel.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Note To World

Night is almost over. Dawn arrives in less than 7 months. The gas bags of our time will disappear into irrelevancy as will the pundits that fed off them. Ahmadinejad has informed the planet that he won the nuclear standoff against us. Yeah, and the Pope is straight. Nut jobs who think the Holocaust didn't happen are still allowed to drive. Preachers are still allowed tax deductions for their businesses and the rest of us have to pay taxes to support not just the leagues of Catholic nutjobs with their costumes and statues and imaginary friends, but every half cocked whack job with a collection hat to pass around and the voice to lube the transaction.

The ridiculous excuse for an American as represented by that retard in West Virginia who was just positive Obama was a muslim. We have become a country of idiots. We have a president who, after 8 years, is still calling them nukuler weapons. By the way, how do you spell nucular? The witless wonders who denigrated academics have proven just how wrong they were and how right the rest of us were.

The smartest guy on this planet just tied 80 helium balloons to his lawn chair and took a ride to the next state. Now that's good mileage.

Change is upon us.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Cruella DaVille as First Lady?

Or First Lady As Cruella DaVille?

Just wait til the press gets its finger out its collective noses and explains HER background. Talk about an elitist bitch.

East Meets West In The Andes

Ths sound of an ancient people who came from across the Pacific farther back than can be imagined.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Taller, Stronger, Better - Australian Idol

Nationalize Our Energy Now

Well I've come to the conclusion that the outrageous rise in energy costs has absolutely nothing to do with supply, demand, the euro, the dollar, investors, ass hole republicans or wimpy democrats.

We are undergoing behavior modification on a national, perhaps global, scale. If it doesn't hurt we won't change our ways. "They" are making it hurt. "THEY" will make it hurt until we agree to open our coastline to offshore drilling.

I once heard it was too expensive to turn our shale oil into oil at 35.00 per gallon, it would have to be 50 or more to be profitable. Or some such craziness. Well where's the shale oil?

It is time for a revolution. It is time to nationalize our vital resources if our private sector can't manage it.