Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why McCain Is Out Of Touch

16 YEARS? The Lexington Project, McCain's attempt to bring a sense of urgency to our nation's energy policies, is going to take 16 years. Why Brittney Spears will be a grandmother by then!

This is unacceptable. I remember the first urban myth I ever heard only it was told to me by a girl who claimed her father was the inventor instead of a friend of her father's neighbor. The claim was that Ford had a 75 mpg engine it was hiding. It was the 70's and our tags were even. I never did understand why they didn't put that in their cars. Who wouldn't want that? Whether or not that was true, that was almost 40 years ago and we have done squat to deal with the crisis at hand and we've had 36 years.

You've had long enough. A sixteen year plan is just not going to cut it. The idea isn't to entrench your big corporate buddies in the next national handout. The idea is not to hand no-bid contracts out to anyone who supports your administration. The idea is to free ourselves from Opec. And we can do that in four not sixteen years. Kind of like the Manhattan Project and the Apollo program you are trying to compare the Lexington Project to, but not. If they had taken sixteen years, we'd be speaking German and living on Mars by now.

Where there's the will, there's the way. And it won't take sixteen years.

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