Friday, June 20, 2008

Note To World

Night is almost over. Dawn arrives in less than 7 months. The gas bags of our time will disappear into irrelevancy as will the pundits that fed off them. Ahmadinejad has informed the planet that he won the nuclear standoff against us. Yeah, and the Pope is straight. Nut jobs who think the Holocaust didn't happen are still allowed to drive. Preachers are still allowed tax deductions for their businesses and the rest of us have to pay taxes to support not just the leagues of Catholic nutjobs with their costumes and statues and imaginary friends, but every half cocked whack job with a collection hat to pass around and the voice to lube the transaction.

The ridiculous excuse for an American as represented by that retard in West Virginia who was just positive Obama was a muslim. We have become a country of idiots. We have a president who, after 8 years, is still calling them nukuler weapons. By the way, how do you spell nucular? The witless wonders who denigrated academics have proven just how wrong they were and how right the rest of us were.

The smartest guy on this planet just tied 80 helium balloons to his lawn chair and took a ride to the next state. Now that's good mileage.

Change is upon us.

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