Friday, May 2, 2008

Delusion And The Secret About The Secret And Other Secrets - Part 1

The Secret of Weight Loss Revealed! Ladies and Gentlemen, I am about to reveal the secret to losing weight. Unlike the hundreds of companies out there, each with their hand out to stick in your pockets and separate you from your money, I am offering the SECRET TO WEIGHT LOSS for FREE! Truth shall not be sold on this website.

Ladies and Gentlemen, sit down. And now it’s time to reveal the absolute, true secret to losing weight and keeping it off. This absolutely works every single time and costs NOTHING. That’s right! ZERO, ZILCH, NADA. In fact, my mind altering SECRET TO WEIGHT LOSS will actually SAVE YOU MONEY! That’s right. SAVE YOU MONEY!

How you ask? Well here’s the secret. Eat less, do more. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, that is the secret to weight loss. Expend more calories than you take in. In fact with this AMAZING weight loss system YOU CAN EAT AS MUCH AS YOU WANT. As long as you follow the simple rule of spending more calories than you take in. And we all like to spend now don’t we?

And yes, my dears, that does mean getting off your fat asses and taking a walk around the block. Start with that. And when you stop breathing hard every time you get up from the can, you can thank me then.

This brings me to today’s topic- DELUSION.

And one delusion I’d like to discuss is the most recent flavor of self-help, pseudo-scientific, pseudo-spiritual, neo-corny nonsense otherwise known as the Secret. I will admit I’m biased from the getgo as from what little I’ve heard, the Secret is nothing more than the same advice I heard from my father as a child. But it wouldn’t be fair of me to judge this book by its cover. I am going to have to watch it first.

So why are people willing to shell out thousands of dollars for the type of inspiration a “Secret” weekend or retreat might provide? I bet they aren’t. They aren’t really buying the secret because we all know it’s not a secret. They are willing to pay to feel good. Nothing more than emotional prostitution with people like Rhonda Byrne providing the service. There is a correlation between the hole in a person’s psyche and the amount of money one is willing to spend to fill said hole. Hence $300 an hour psychiatrists. People want to feel good and feel hopeful.

So that is my prejudice. I am going to be fair and keep an open mind. I’m not expecting much but I’m always willing to have my notions challenged. This is Part 1 of a multi-part entry. I’m going to have to find a copy of the Secret as I don’t intend to purchase it and see for myself. Once experiencing what I understand is the greatest secret ever told I will report back. Until then, can anyone explain why the world is in such a crappy place if all these so-called spiritual types are wishing for such great things? Or are they all creating the mess we’re in through the actions of their thoughts? Or maybe it’s all a diaper load.

Stay tuned.

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