Saturday, May 24, 2008

Public Service Announcement - Petro And Other Home Oil Distributors Might As Well Start Packing.

I do have to drive to work. I don't have to heat my home with oil any longer.


- no one can afford your product. I have already purchased ceramic room heaters based on the price of your product today.

I will be draining my radiators in the fall.

Come next winter when it's double, will there be anyone without a ceramic room heater? The home oil heating business just died. And with it all the support business that sell oil tanks, heaters, service them, etc.

Our god damned president had 8 years to formulate an energy policy. Thanks to the red state toothless folks who don't want that gay agenda with those abortion clinics open on every corner and who find Osama hiding behind every Bush. I remember him chastising Clinton because gas spiked over a dollar. What a fucking hypocrite, lying bastard, worthless piece of fucking human garbage. I wish there was a hell because then I'd have the satisfaction of knowing he would ultimately get his due. But there isn't and he won't.

This president belongs in jail.

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