Thursday, May 1, 2008

Put Warning Labels on Churches

Religion, like pornography, should be limited to exposure by those 18 years and older. Exposing children to the mind numbing ideas of religion is nothing less than child abuse. Our so-called "holy" books are filled with jealous, angry, psycopathic beings with perverse notions of right and wrong and good and bad. How schizophrenic to demand of your people, with a commandment much less, not to take life and then dedicate large chunks of other books dictating the ways and means to murder in biblical proportions.

It's hard to believe that those individuals, who would force their evil fairy tales down the rest of our throats, have understood what they've been reading if they've read it at all. But worse, we let these individuals force their evil, jealous, murdering, misogynist monster on the rest of us.

It's time to put a stop to that.

Whether you've come to the conclusion that religion is evil masquerading as good and that god is a manifestation of mental illness, or to the less judgmental realization that god simply doesn't exist, or to the deist's compromise that there is a God but religion is fantasy- one needs a place to turn- A place to start a new life with a new way of thinking without the wretched depravity inflicted on humanity by religions and their believers.

You may already have a clue that the Truth of DNA or quantum physics is far more remarkable than any bible story miracle. You've already discarded revelation for Reality. Here you'll find resources and links to help you in your journey of self-discovery and awakening to the universe as it is and not as the product of our creative imaginations.

We can make this journey together.

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