Sunday, July 6, 2008

I Can't Define Smarmy But Know It To See It

The very picture of desire. One can only guess at what he's talking about. But why guess? One meme he's become a regular at injecting into the national discourse is the idea that we might lose the war in Iraq when Obama becomes president. And what follows is that since losing is wrong, our losing the war would be wrong. But he's an ass and most of us know it.

So for those who have forgotten the issue, let's revisit the whole Iraq thing. OK?

We won the war. Got that red voters? Even your leader told us so when he proclaimed, "Mission Accomplished." But I call winning when a country invades, takes your castle, kills your king and takes your treasure. I believe we did that. Except the treasure thing. We've never been a country that cared much about treasure. Probably because we give ours away.

Anyway, for those who are trying to confuse the American people as they try to vote for change. We won the war. We are losing the peace.

And, like Vietnam, it is once again the fault of politicians and not the soldiers.
And John McCain should know that.

So if your going to spin, please do so in time with the music, otherwise you end up looking like that guy above.

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