Friday, July 11, 2008

An Open Letter To Lou Dobbs

Rather than singing the same songs to the same choir night after night why don't you put your money where your mouth is and do something that may help change this country instead of just whining about it? What I mean is we have a solution to not just the oil crisis but the ability to render oil besotten tyrants impotent. It's called oil shale and we have, in just a few states, more than five times what the saudis have. Congress passed an act in 1910 allocating these fields to the federal government to develop. Exxon was there until they pulled out in 1982.

What wasn't profitable at $25-40 a barrel is mind numbingly simple at $147. Just the threat of bringing this supply to the market might create some relief, perhaps down to a level where it's not profitable to produce. But no one is talking about this. And you, with the loudest mouth and highest criticism of anyone with whom you don't agree should have jumped on this...but you were too busy engaginig in self promotion to actually make the "best news team on the planet" actually do their jobs. By the way? If "the best news team on the planet" had been doing their jobs for the last eight years we might not be in the sorry state we're in. So how about doing some homework and presenting some solutions instead of trying to sell books and xenophic ideas?

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