Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Republican Party Is A Terrorist Organization And Has To Be Shut Down

Ronald Reagan - Junk Market Stock Market Crash of 1987

George Bush the First and John McCain - Savings and Loan Crisis

George Bush the W - Just Look Around

Phil Gramm - we are a nation of whiners. Yup, Mr. Gramm, you're right. And now it's time to take action. You are guilty of helping create the Enron mess as well as this one. I believe in personal responsibility. You need to be in jail.

George W Bush - you need to be in jail.

Dick Cheney - you need to be in jail.

Donald Rumsfeld - you need to be in jail.

Condoleeza Rice - you need a real job and a makeover.

It's a shame it's against the law to tar and feather these people.

Let the run on the banks begin. Hope you like Ramen.

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