Saturday, July 26, 2008

Note To John McCain and America

Advocating a "surge" in Afghanistan does not mean support for a "surge" in Iraq. Note to McCain- Bin Laden is still not in Iraq but along the Afghan/Pakistan border.

Withdrawing our troops from Iraq doesn't mean we "lost" anything.
Note to McCain- when you kill their ruler and take his castle, you'v won. Saddam is dead and his palace is our new embassy.

I'm sorry the best you could do was a wiener hut in Ohio while America's future was speaking to the world from Berlin. That is where your leader, George W. Bush has taken you, your party and the ideas you represent.

The rest of us aren't buying it anymore. Sorry. When you speak I hear the buzz of insects. Please stop.

The age of corporate welfare is over. Take heed. Change is coming and you aren't going to like it. You've pushed America to the wall and we're biting back now.

We will solve our own energy problems without big Oil, if that's what it will take as you've now made it affordable to develop alternate and renewable sources of energy.

We will not allow you to drill off our coasts, just because. And we will not allow you to manipulate us with the price of gas to change that.

There is enough oil in shale rock to change the planet, there is no need to take a chance on destroying our coastline and the delicate ecosystem of the ocean when we have an alternative. And we won't tolerate being manipulated.

Government, remember, we own you. Not vice versa. And it is the government that owns the shale oil. It's time to tell government what we want.

This government has failed us. It is time to rebuild governmnet with service to the many as its goal. Service to the few is not working so well anymore.

The problem with trickle down economics is that you assume we are happy with a trickle. You are wrong.

Get ready for a new day.

Wake up America. The shale oil is yours, not "theirs."

Maybe it's time for the government to compete with private industry to produce what we need to meet our energy needs. Private industry has failed us.

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